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Produkt 59 von 60
UFO Shimano 11-fach Kette
UFO Shimano 11-fach Kette
Produkt 59 von 60

Ceramicspeed UFO Shimano 11-fach Kette

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1 x UFO Shimano 11-fach Kette
1 x Kettenschloss
Part-Nr. 105641
254gCHF 135.85 / Stück
UVP: CHF 169.00
Lagerbestand 8
Part-Nr. 105641
CHF 135.85 / Stück
UVP: CHF 169.00Lagerbestand 8

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Due to its unique optimisation treatment, the Ultrafast Racing Chain saves you watts and improves your performance with free speed and unparalleled low friction.

This ultrafast chain has been optimised for Shimano compatibility, to boost the efficiency of your entire drivetrain.

Thanks to the extremely low friction, CeramicSpeed UFO Chains have the unique property to give you free speed or help you save watts on a racing distance. Our ultrafast racing chains are carefully selected from high quality suppliers and optimised by hand in Denmark.

CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chains can save you between 2–5 watts on a distance of 600 km/370 miles. After this, you can apply the CeramicSpeed UFO Drip to reboost your racing chain. After the 600 km, you are still left with a highly performant chain, superior to a standard chain. When added to the full CeramicSpeed component upgrade (the OSPW System, Bottom Bracket and Wheel Kit), chain optimisation can take the total saving to between 10-16 watts. When you need the extra advantage to make a real difference at the finish line, the CeramicSpeed UFO Racing Chain is the way to go.

Be aware that the UFO treatment is not optimised for wet and muddy conditions, which might cause corrosion on the chain. Read more about this in the maintenance tab.

Testing results show, that UFO Racing Chain proves to be faster than other treated chains.

Verschlussart: Kettennietstift
Nietentyp: chrombeschichtet, hohl
Laufrichtungsgebunden: Ja
Empfohlene Gruppen: XTR M9000/9020, Dura Ace 9000, Dura Ace R9100